You create a niche brand (product or service) that should be explored and experienced. Yours is a brand craving change through new initiatives. You offer a brand for your clients to devour; a one-of-a kind product or service to savor. You’re searching for unique, relevant and memorable ways to market your brand to your ideal clientele. You are looking for a new experience.

We can create the perfect match between your brand and the most qualified potential customers.

Creating the perfect partnership if …
  • you are open to novel marketing ideas because you know that traditional thinking will not generate new successes
  • you are inspired by unique, exclusive events because you appreciate the value of getting your customers to interact with your brand
  • you are looking for creative ways to introduce your product or service to influential potential customers, as you recognize the value of peer recommendations
  • you want new access to the social networking scene, because you recognize that the social sphere is more than just Facebook and Twitter

We are Brooke and Cathy Milne, a mother-daughter, match-making marketing team. We started Because You Said So … Promotions and Events because we wanted to match brands to consumers by being brand advocates. We believe in connecting exclusive, unique brands to strong, independent, influential clientele. We want to create a fun, one-of-a-kind experience for both brands and consumers, helping you reach your ideal clientele. Check out who we are.

It will be love at first sight if you …
  • consider social networking a tool to help match your product with consumers
  • are ready to take a step in a new direction and participate in a new experience
  • are interested in being matched with influential clientele who appreciate the luxuries in life
  • are craving change

Take a moment to see what we are doing, glance at who we are working with and listen to us babbling on our blog plus check out our client’s testimonials! We would love to hear from you … want to talk?